July 6, 2010

Abolish worship in schools, voters tell government

by Sara Levy

British voters want the government to abolish the law requiring compulsory collective worship in UK schools, a new website set up to give British citizens more say in politics has found.

The “Your Freedom” website, launched by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg on 1 July, lets British voters have their say on which laws should be abolished.

Scrapping the collective worship law was the most popular suggestion the day the website launched, and has continued to hold its place in the top five suggestions for laws to be repealed.

The British Humanist Association welcomed the call from UK voters to scrap the law.

Andrew Copson, BHA chief executive, said the law requiring daily acts of worship in schools should be “thrown on the bonfire”.

Copson said: “Teachers, parents and pupils themselves have repeatedly opposed this legal requirement, infringing as it does on young peoples’ rights to freedom of belief by forcing them to pray or worship in other ways.

“It is no wonder that getting rid of that law was immediately the most popular on the government’s website as a bad law that restricts freedom.”

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