October 20, 2011

Protesters deterring visitors to St Paul’s Cathedral

by Jan Harris

The previously supportive authorities at St Paul’s have finally asked anti-capitalist protesters to disband the camp they have set up outside the cathedral.

Thousands of protesters, angry at the way the global economic crisis is being handled, marched on the London Stock Exchange on Saturday.

When police cordoned off the building, the protesters set up camp outside St Paul’s and the number of tents is now estimated to have grown to 180.

The size of the protest is making it difficult for worshippers and tourists to access the cathedral, its restaurant has been forced to close and donations from visitors has halved.

Although the protesters are sympathetic to the loss of income they are planning to raise money to compensate the cathedral, rather than packing up and going home.

The anti-capitalist protests started in New York but have now spread across major cities worldwide.

Separately, an enormous model of the Taj Mahal made entirely from food has been unveiled outside St Paul’s.

The model is made from rice, poppadoms, mango chutney, chillies and chapattis.

It was made by artist Prudence Staite for Food Network UK, to mark the launch of ‘Reza, Spice Prince of India’ which chronicles the journey of restauranteur Reza Mahammad around Rajasthan’s regal residences.

If the protesters feel a bit peckish at least they won’t have far to go for a tasty snack.

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