New Era (Slavko Mahne Shyama)

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    Author of the summary: Tadej Ian
    12 December 2011

    27,000 years of past have poured into present time. Positive as well negative contents are pouring; only 2-3% of them are useful. Negative contents act against present time. Most of energies pour into the first chakra of the Matter. Human must change in his/her life’s source in order to live these energies. The contents of the energies, which flow, are not only the individual’s causes and his/her family’s causes but also macro-causes of the past of the human kind. Out of the latter, the New Era is emerging. Material security is collapsing. The latter was already refined in the previous millennium and the civilization was using these energies. Now, an enormous quantity of non-formed energies is flowing into the foundation and it is covering that part, which was refined before. Contents are therefore fading out. People know how to live only with previous energies; they cannot handle the new ones yet. Financial/monetary virtues are fading the most. That is why we are writing names (words) of the virtues and so we refine the virtues.

    Money as an abstract notion is connected with the human neck – ether. The power of money needs to be activated from the fifth chakra which is positioned in the area of the neck. It is important that we hold the creation of money in ourselves and so influence the macro-environment. At the Weekly Programs we hold the energy of the money in the neck and we shall transgress into the new form of the way of financial communication. This will happen in 2022, when the third spiritual planet is going to be uncovered. The new form of cherishing material communication shall be formed. New form of monetary transfer shall not take place in the form as we now know it (banks, stock markets…). Monetary communication shall take form in such form that cannot be defined at the moment. Now the form of monetary transfer is acting on the third chakra. The new form, however, will be created out of the fifth chakra, from the top of the neck. The form of money that we know now is collapsing and it will collapse. Paper money will be abolished gradually. Until now the aggressive people were rich; aggressiveness was the way on top in the world of money. Now those shall become rich that will develop a higher state of spiritual qualities. The people that will put forward these new changes have not been born yet. Until 2022 66% of those children will be born who shall carry a new state within themselves and shall influence the other people too. Monetary virtue which shall be formed will pull forward 95% of other life’s qualities. The main source is the level of communication, which is necessary to act on the appropriate level.

    Slavko Mahne Shyama provides us with the contents of money from the sixth chakra. We need to try hard to hold this state in ourselves and preserve it. When fear connected with money emerges in a situation of life we should focus ourselves into ourselves, into the astral and repeat the word MONEY, so that the things shall turn right. All who visit Slavko Mahne Shyama’s Weekly Programs have awakened the power of self-suggesting. When we repeat the words silently into ourselves the result always comes. This is then spreading into the world.
    Until 2022 the chakras under level zero of the Matter shall be filled. That much of the Divine Source is available.

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