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Genuine Seeking

What does a genuine seeker wish to know? What is s/he hoping to discover?

Understandably, many turn back from the open door, staring the gift horse in the mouth and fleeing with apprehension. It is almost as if they can sense beforehand the uncertainty which must invariably result if they pursue certain questions beyond imposed, or self-imposed boundaries.

An excellent and insightful introduction to the true religion of Christianity can be found online, in its entirety, or ordered from any number of sources. First published in 1901, authored by Annie Besant, the book is entitled Esoteric Christianity, and includes chapters on the Mythical Christ, the Mystical Christ, the Historical Christ and all of the Lesser Mysteries of Christianity. It is written free of the bias of any particular Christian church, denomination, leaning or special interest. And it is thus a wonderful contribution for those who wish to develop any degree of earnest understanding of the Christian Tradition.

If one wishes to learn of the approach of the Christ, nearly 100 years ago, this chapter (online) should be of avail. Others from the same book (Thus Have I Heard) may also be of interest.

If, on the other hand one wishes to read the teachings of the Nazarene Initiate Himself, not given out 2 millenia ago but, again, only 8 decades ... s/he can `peek' online, or order the book in its entirety from

As for future prognostications, indications and specific teachings regarding the Reappearance of the Christ, I wholeheartedly recommend a book of the same title, by Alice Bailey, first published in 1948. The book is compiled from nearly 30 years of teachings, originating with Those who know well and firsthand ... the Heart and Mind of the Christ.


Dozens of other contributions exist on the subject of the nature and purpose of the Christ, and treating the subject of the Christ's return ~ or rather, Reappearance, into the outer world of human affairs. Christians and non-Christians alike should be interested by these, especially if they would like any sort of glimpse into the world that is taking shape around them, day by day, year by year. This world will come into existence, and the great hope is that it will be thanks to contributions from all Christians everywhere, rather than despite the protests of the ignorant.

Most assuredly, no one is going to wrest from you your RIGHT to remain ignorant, recalcitrant, fretful and fanatical. If one insists, one may safeguard until his dying day the right to stand before the Lord of Light and Love, only to hear - somewhat ironically: "Depart from me, for I knew you not." I suspect it is with some sadness, rather than vehemence and glee, that such words are daily spoken.

The same energies of thought and emotion which the foolish will immediately employ for the defending of such right, could well be spent at least asking certain questions, in earnest. But I did say, "GENUINE seeker," now didn't I. Thus the choice remains yours, even as the words of your Lord can most assuredly be found elsewhere in this world than simply in the portions of your Holy Bible clearly marked in red. Some of us are waiting for you to CATCH UP ... even as others wait for us, to do the same.

Piscean energies were already short-circuited 100 years ago and more; what remains does not make your `faith' any stronger. If I insist that our Earth is a flat, 2-dimensional plane, this in no wise makes it so. All I succeed in doing is existing within a deluded state of mind. My beliefs, however ardently I may cling to them, are FLAWED.

No one will come to ROOT OUT your misconceptions and `set the record straight.' The reason is, you would not have him [do so]. You wouldn't have it when He came before; nor will you accept Him today ... UNLESS you are ready, willing and able to recognize him. The able part has NEVER been in question. Ready, also, is something I believe in. Don't you consider yourselves ready?

What happened, then, to WILLING? Will you speak as the Saint, in Matthew 26:41? You claim nothing new, if so. You will watch the years pass you by, and that for which you seek will never come to pass. As long as I seek the Lord on MY OWN terms, I can rest assured, if I have not found Him yet, I shall never do so while I draw breath on my own. But the moment I open the door to possibilities which I might not yet have considered, in THAT MOMENT I begin my Journey in earnest to find Him for Whom we all Seek.

The first step, is admitting that for all your hoopla, for all your `faith,' for all your self-assurance (and other-assurance) that, "I know my Lord," in fact - you do not know Him at all, in the wise (or ways) you wish you could know Him. And this, you see, is self-honesty; it is an admitting, on the inside, that you are just like anyone, just like everyone, else. It is the taking of oneself down from the high place upon which you have placed yourself, for only once you have learned to seek him in the `low' as well as the high places shall you find your Lord.

Those of you who have met the Master, because He has walked into your living room, in the FLESH and blood ... and has greeted you in plain words (or, if He has chosen, hasn't spoken a word - yet communicated to you nonetheless) ... raise your hands. Send me a PM if that makes more sense. I expect no private messages.

Those who have SEEN your Lord walking down the street ... down ANY street ... even if He did not directly regard you, again, send me a PM. I expect none.

Those who can in fact, say that they have SEEN their Lord (and here, Jesus will do as well as any) ... again, send me a PM. I expect none.

Yet I know that He exists, as do the others, and I need no proof. If you, who also CLAIM that you need no proof to believe and know the same thing, yet argue certain points, insist certain things, and DENY other aspects, manifestations or evidences of `Your Lord,' you prove to me one thing only. You prove that you, as yet, do not know your own Lord in certain ways which would otherwise be evidenced, for all to see.

Likewise, there are plenty of Souls who know the Lord of Lords in ways, which make it manifest and evidenced to them, that I have all sorts of limitations in how I know, the Master(s), and the Lord. I think the question is, can you accept your limitations at present, and - admitting them - yet ask yourself, which of these limitations am I ready, willing and able to give up, or to seek to give up?

In some traditions this is known as casting off the fetters, for an honest man will recognize that, and something of the degree to which, he IS fettered, in knowing himself, knowing his Lord, and also in knowing others whom he meets along life's path. The foolish man will claim that he knows all, that he has "found his lord," and that his search is finally over. Only another foolish man will agree with him, and together, in their ignorance, they will find false solace ... and false satisfaction. Yes, there is strength in numbers, and in this way, we may wage war on Truth itself.

Yet truth cannot be conquered. You KNOW this ... to be True.

Why, then, do you protest so much, why do you chase aways those who walk bearing the Banner of Truth? This Banner has writ on it Peace, and Love and Light. Those who seek to carry it are not all perfect. Few are. Most are still struggling, to some degree and probably on every level, with the same basic human imperfections, vices and weakness which you are. Fortunately, the Journey brings us closer and closer to a definite confrontation with these holdups, for we know - and do not deceive ourselves otherwise - that NO MAN can escape his Responsibility.

At first, it will be in smaller ways in which we are asked to confront our individual holdups. And with each successful instance of overcoming some limitation, and strengthening our Spiritual resolve, we will know that we have made progress. At times, progress is slow, uncertain and naturally we will be tempted to lose heart. Our FAITH - and resolve - are challenged. Yet the Faith we are asked to demonstrate is not founded upon blind obedience, or upon impossible occurrences. Nor are we asked to use for our linchpin the illusion of no-responsibility. It is a pillar of the Teaching that each of us is the arbiter of our own destiny. To deny that, let alone to deny that to another (or to feign such, for that is all we may achieve), is a capital offense.

No one expects perfection overnight, for all true progress is slow, if certain. It has taken many lifetimes for the Buddhas Themselves to attain to Their estate, contrary to the misinformed Western opinions on this matter. The Christs of all ages have known and done likewise, and have been subjected to the same process, gladly, even JOYFULLY ... cooperating with Hephaestus at the Forge of the Gods, rather than seeking to cheat or outwit Him. Knowing the Harmony that may result when all things {and beings} work together for Good, the Saints and Sages of ages past have all, uniformly, been willing to submerge their individual peculiarities and interests in labor TOWARD that Harmony and Good. Relinquishing their recalcitrance, their foolish misconceptions of eternal punishment or reward, and in fact ALL thoughts which they found segregated them off from the (Spiritual) Community, they have been able to reach the GOAL, ahead of you, ahead of most of US.

Now will you spit in their face, deny them the Teaching, the Love which they offer, and the hand that is outstretched, seeking to aid Humanity Itself through the most difficult phase of its long history upon this planet?

It is no easy task, and the majority even of visitors to an Interfaith forum are still quite content to pursue their own religious or spiritual interests at their own pace. This is notwithstanding the fact that even the existence of such websites, and participation in such forums, clearly indicates progress along certain lines associated with the 6th Ray (of religious reform). It still remains that most of us simply cannot be bothered to put certain pet notions aside, or bend beyond a point where we all still feel quite comfortable in our exploration.

And to be certain, there is no reason why we should go overboard, or seek to exceed our capacity. After all, the reed that bends too far, breaks! And there is little good that comes from simply corralling others, forcing them into a corner, and preaching [anything] down their throat ... with vain hopes of `spreading Enlightenment' from such an exercise. This is a bit like biting someone, informing them that you have the plague, and waiting to see a response on the face which would correlate better with the statement, "You have just won the lottery!"

Yes, yes, I may be a slow learner, and if you are interested in constructive criticism, send me a PM. I don't even mind that it isn't about meeting your Master; after all, we all need to grow a little bit, and some - a bit more than little. Of course, you could post your advice publicly ... and *a few* delight in doing this ... but I think you'll find there is at least one line from my post which already applies to you, and if need be I can gladly repost it, just for your own observation and edification.

What I'm really going for, however, is the sharing of some things I've learned along the way during my Journey ... including Teachings which I still treasure, and Ponder, and for which I thank the Stars above. Without Them, such Teachings would not exist, and without all of you/us, they would not be necessary.

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