January 24, 2008

Anti-abortion March led by the Young

by Rohan Parker

Tens of thousands of Pro-Life supporters hit the streets of Washington yesterday, taking part in an annual march which protests the legality of abortion in the United States.

The colourful and enthusiastic demonstration known as the ‘March for Life’, comes as abortion rates continue to fall in the US; having now hit the lowest level in years. The march has been an annual fixture in the capital since 1973, when the decision to legalize abortion was first handed down by the Supreme Court.

With many youths numbered amongst the crowds, it is perhaps no surprise that the march had the air of an enormous and sprawling sports event; with young people from all over Washington and the surrounding states turning out to celebrate the steady decline in abortion, as well as to voice their own views regarding this controversial topic.

“It’s illegal to kill someone walking down the street, so it should be illegal to kill someone in the womb,” said Topher Boehm, a 17 year old Pro-Lifer from Dallas. “This is the social justice issue of our era, and I want to do something about it.”

Indeed, with numerous placards painted with such slogans as “Your Mother Was Pro-Life” and “Give Life, Don’t Take It”, it would seem that many young people in the States agree with Topher. As the American election build up continues, the ever contentious topic of abortion seems set to only become more furious.

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