January 28, 2008

Scientology Website Attacked by Internet Group

by Rachael Grant

The Church of Scientology, famously backed by Tom Cruise, was targeted by a group going by the name ‘Anonymous’, a collection of hackers, and self-confessed activists. The attack proceeded a You Tube video of Cruise waxing lyrical about the virtues of Scientology. The video has now been watched over 6,000 times, and ‘Anonymous’, addressing the Church, has been reported saying that this ‘propaganda’ has revealed the ‘extent of your malign influence over those who have come to trust you as leaders’.

They then went on to say that they felt that the Church of Scientology should therefore be destroyed for the good of mankind, and sardonically, for their own enjoyment.

It isn’t likely that the websites will suffer for more than a few days, and security experts have termed the attack as amateur. The vigilante group had asked members of a website they set up for the purpose of the attack, to bombard the Church with hate email, faxes, and phone calls, a method commonly known as ‘denial of service’.

Members were also encouraged to use a method of attack called ‘Google bombing’, in which the word ‘Scientology’ is entered into the search engine, coupled with words such as ‘cult’ or ‘dangerous’, to give people searching for information skewed results.

The group have also claimed that they stole a number of documents from the site, which are now being circulated on the web. A spokesman for the Church has insisted that they were not the correct target, and that the people involved have the wrong impression of them. The Church, who have always openly defended themselves against such attacks, highlight the free choice of the adults who join, and the Church’s participation in aiding those with criminal records.

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