January 29, 2008

Girl Taken By Davao Cult Sues Mother

by Rachael Grant

In Baguio City, Philippines, 62 year old Erlinda Rillion, who fought to reclaim her teenage daughter from a cult in Davao City, has been sued by her daughter for coercion. Arlene, now 21, finally met with her mother in 2007 after Erlinda spent years fighting Apollo Quiboloy, an evangelist, who took Arlene when she was just 17.

A social worker oversaw the meeting, after claims that Quiboloy’s ministry had prevented Erlinda from meeting with her daughter.

However, instead of what may have been a peaceful reconciliation, the meeting ended with Arlene trying to sue her mother and three government social workers, for supposedly trying to force her to return to Baguio.

Rillion was informed by Prosecutor Edwin Diez, that Arlene was accusing her of trying to detain her with the use of handcuffs. Rillion replied that an argument had indeed taken place at the meeting, but blamed it on an Army major who belonged to the Task Force Davao.

Subsequently, Rillion filed a complaint saying the officer and some of his soldiers acted like thugs as they took Arlene from the social welfare office, mid-meeting.

Rillion, who had previously been counted as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ the Name Above Every Name, along with Arlene’s father, has since elevated her complaint before the Office of the Ombudsman.

After her accusation towards Quiboloy of detaining Arlene before the Baguio council in 2005, her ongoing feud with the cult was brought to public attention.

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