January 31, 2008

Muslim ‘Pleasure Marriages’ Cause Concern

by Rohan Parker

Some members of the Muslim community are concerned with what has become known as the ‘pleasure marriage’ – a union between Muslim men and women that is based on indulgence, convenience and brevity.

“I had sexual desires and was looking for a girl,” says Firaz, a 24-year-old Shiite Muslim. “Pleasure marriage is a way I could feel good about it.”

Torn between lust and too little money to afford a traditional marriage, more and more Muslims are partaking in this particular pleasure – a practice known in Arabic as ‘mutaah’. The pleasure marriage, it seems, is becoming increasingly viewed as a pit stop on the rugged road to the real deal.

This development, a form of common-law matrimony, is now seeing young Muslims consulting with religious scholars in a bid to determine whether or not this form of tryst is appropriate for them.

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