January 24, 2008

Anti-abortion March led by the Young

by Rohan Parker

Tens of thousands of Pro-Life supporters hit the streets of Washington yesterday, taking part in an annual march which protests the legality of abortion in the United States. The colourful and enthusiastic demonstration known as the ‘March for Life’, comes as abortion rates continue to fall in the US; having now hit the lowest level […]

January 23, 2008

Abortion Pill on the Rise

by Rohan Parker

Despite a steady decline in overall abortion rates, the French abortion pill RU-486 is seeing a significant usage increase throughout the United States. Beth Jordan, medical director of the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, has said that the pill known as “miffy” (after the chemical mifepristone), goes a long way towards “normalizing abortion”. She claims […]

Obama Sets the Record Straight

by Rohan Parker

Speaking at a rally in South Carolina, Barack Obama has set the record straight about his Christian faith; asserting that internet rumours claiming he is a Muslim are “crazy”. A widely reported, and recently debunked chain email has claimed that the popular Democrat is a Muslim and may in fact have links to terrorism. Observers […]

January 22, 2008

The Politics of Faith

by Rohan Parker

As the race for the White House continues in the United States, presidential candidates are becoming more vocal about their faith. Baptist minister and former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee, once a relative unknown who was credited with little chance against the big names, is now under the media spotlight as religion becomes a talking point […]

January 8, 2008

New planet confirms proto planet theory

by Brian Turner

A newly formed planet orbiting a young star offers the first observational evidence for the long-held theory that planets form early, within the first ten million years of a parent star’s life, according to a new study. Until recently all of the 250-plus planets outside our solar system have been found around much older stars—a […]

Vanuatu skull reveals past on Polynesians

by Brian Turner

A bizarre, 3,000-year-old burial site is providing rare insights into the lives of an ancient island culture. The site in the South Pacific country of Vanuatu includes a skull in a jar and 60 headless skeletons—one of them with three skulls arrayed across its rib cage. In 2003 construction workers at Teouma, an archaeological site […]

January 6, 2008

Israel attacks targets in Gaza

by Brian Turner

The Israeli military Thursday cracked down on Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza in response to what Israel called an escalation in rocket attacks. Seven Palestinian fighters and two civilians were killed in ground fighting and airstrikes, according to Palestinian security sources. Five of the militants and the two civilians died when an Israeli […]

Saudi reformist arrested over blog

by Brian Turner

Saudi officials revealed on Tuesday that they had detained leading blogger Fouad al-Farhan. Al-Farhan, operator of the Web site alfarhan.org, was arrested December 10. In an e-mail posted on the site since his arrest, he told friends that he faced arrest for his support of 10 reform advocates the Saudi government accuses of supporting terrorism. […]

Christian bishop warns on Islamic no-go areas

by Brian Turner

Islamic extremism has turned some communities into no-go areas for people of a different faith or race, a Church of England bishop has said. The Bishop of Rochester, the Right Reverend Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, said non-Muslims may find it difficult to live or work in some places. He said there was “hostility” in those areas […]

Andhra temple stampede kills 15

by Brian Turner

At least five people have been killed and 15 others injured in a stampede at a Hindu temple in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The incident occurred at the Shri Durga Malleswara temple in Vijayawada city, 170 miles (270km) from the state capital, Hyderabad, an official said. The five were killed when thousands […]

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