February 29, 2008

New Imprint Launched by Mormon Church

by Rachael Grant

A new imprint for publishing works such as those that detail Mormonism’s early history as well as its growth, is due to the launched by the Mormon Church. It will begin with a series cataloguing the papers of the founder of the church, Joseph Smith. An elder with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day […]

Popularity of Christianity in Ancient China

by Rachael Grant

A damaged tombstone with scriptures of the Jingjiao or Nestorian Church, dating back to the ninth century, has added weight to the possibility that during the Tang Dynasty in China, Christianity was popular. The tombstone, which also features pictures of crosses, was unearthed in Luoyang City in central Henan province in 2006. Luo Zhao, a […]

Iowa Religious Program to End

by Rachael Grant

A five year court battle over a Bible-based treatment program at a prison in Albany is due to end, according to the state’s officials. The program, InnerChange Freedom Initiative, will end by the middle of May, so say The Iowa Department of Corrections when they addressed Prison Fellowship Ministries in Virginia. The Prison Fellowship originally […]

Suspension for Teens Wearing Crucifixes

by Rachael Grant

Two teenagers in America, aged 14 and 16, have been suspended from South Albany High School for wearing crucifixes that they claim were gifts from their mothers. Jaime Salazar, 14, says that he was approached by the school’s Principal, Chris Equinoa, who told him to put his necklace away because he considered it ‘gang related’. […]

Segregated Israeli Busses A Success

by Rohan Parker

In Jerusalem six of the public bus lines have segregation of the sexes. The men board and sit at the front of the bus, whilst the women board and sit at the back. These segregated buses are run by Israel’s primary bus company, Egged, and link many neighborhoods of ultra-Orthodox Jews and have been put […]

Obama’s Church To Be Investigated By IRS

by Rohan Parker

A statement was released by the United Church of Christ on Tuesday, in which they announce that they are under investigation by the IRS because of a speech Senator Barack Obama gave at their national meeting last year, after he had become a candidate for the presidency. Illinois Democrat Barack Obama is a member of […]

Not Enough Catholic Clergy In Ireland

by Rohan Parker

For many years Ireland has been a stable exporter of Catholic clergy to the world, however now there are such few new clergy members that in the next 20 years their numbers will have dropped by two thirds, meaning the country will no longer have an excess of those who’ve taken the holy vows, but […]

Obama Slams Bogus Ties To Islam

by Rohan Parker

This isn’t the first time and most likely wont be the last that Barack Obama will have to speak out against lies and rumors spread about the presidential hopeful regarding his connection to Islam. This time the rumors where sparked by a photo of Obama being released on the internet in which he is wearing […]

February 26, 2008

You Tube Ban in Pakistan

by Rachael Grant

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority banned access to You-Tube, the website where users can share videos, telling Pakistan’s seventy Internet service providers that the block would continue until further notice. It hasn’t been specified what the offensive video was of, but an official for the PTA revealed that it was to do with an upcoming movie […]

Rabbinical Group Formed in Poland

by Rachael Grant

The first Polish nationwide rabbinical association since the second World War has been re-launched by Jewish leaders. The seven Orthodox rabbis agreed to reform the Rabbinical Association of Poland, which thrived prior to World War II, when Poland housed nearly 3.5 million Jews. Around 90% died during the war, and today there exists around 30,000. […]

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