February 29, 2008

Obama Slams Bogus Ties To Islam

by Rohan Parker

This isn’t the first time and most likely wont be the last that Barack Obama will have to speak out against lies and rumors spread about the presidential hopeful regarding his connection to Islam. This time the rumors where sparked by a photo of Obama being released on the internet in which he is wearing Kenyan tribal costume.

Also, a commendation of Obama on Sunday by Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan has spurred questions from Jewish leaders in Cleveland on Tuesday following the presidential debate that night in the state.

Not only did Obama state multiple times his opposition to Farrakhan’s views, which have shown strong anti-Semitic notions, he actually rejected Farrakhan’s support when pressed on the issue during the debate.

Though the Democratic candidate has frequently expressed the fact that he is a Christian who was sworn into office on his family Bible, he is still being portrayed on the internet, talk radio, and even in a campaign introduction for Republican hopeful John McCain earlier this week, as having some nefarious connection to Islam and his middle name of Hussein is often depicted in these circles as a dark reminder of Iraq’s former dictator.

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