February 29, 2008

Segregated Israeli Busses A Success

by Rohan Parker

In Jerusalem six of the public bus lines have segregation of the sexes. The men board and sit at the front of the bus, whilst the women board and sit at the back.

These segregated buses are run by Israel’s primary bus company, Egged, and link many neighborhoods of ultra-Orthodox Jews and have been put in place to accommodate the strict religious rules of segregation of the sexes in public.

There are twenty-three other bus lines within the city, many of which also share the same segregation in an effort to serve the communities of ultra-Orthodox peoples. Many of these neighborhoods are only linked by these bus services, which offer reduced fares.

The buses have been welcomed by many religious commuters who felt that the crush between men and women on normal bus lines, especially during peak-hour traffic, was a violation of ultra-Orthodox disallowance of public mixing of the sexes.

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