March 28, 2008

Anglicans Divided In Canada Over Same-Sex Unions

by Rohan Parker

Canada is known for its liberal and relaxed attitudes, and going along with that accepting mind set, Canadian Anglicans are some of the first, and strongest, in calling for the acceptance and blessing of same-sex unions. Unfortunately, however, there has been a strong reaction from the less liberal minded Anglicans in the country. The Anglican […]

Contentious Islamic Religious Resolution Passed In The U.N.

by Rohan Parker

Thursday saw the U.N. pass a contested new resolution which was proposed by Islamic countries who are looking to move governments to prohibit the defamation of religions, especially their own. The resolution was passed on a 21 to 10 vote, in which Europe and Canada stood in opposition to. The European Union stated that the […]

Conversion Sparks Controversy

by Rohan Parker

Magdi Allam has been hailed in the past decade as the voice of moderate Islam. He has made countless overtures to Muslims to inveigh against terrorism and to officially recognise the state of Israel. He has been labeled a bridge between faiths. That has changed overnight, however, as on Holy Saturday, the night before Easter, […]

10 Commandments Permitted On Public Land By U.S. Court

by Rohan Parker

A federal court of appeals has ruled that a close to 50 year old monument which is engraved with the Ten Commandments is permissible by the Constitution. The U.S. is a secular country, in that they have the state and the church separate, however it is often an issue of contention, as to what exactly […]

March 27, 2008

Obama Levels The Polls With Race Speech

by Rohan Parker

When inflammatory remarks made by Senator Barack Obama’s former paster circulated media recently, Obama took a downward turn in the polls. However after the acclaimed race in America speech, he is now one point ahead of Senator Hillary Clinton in the polls. The Editor in Chief at Gallup Poll, Frank Newport, said on Tuesday that […]

China Attempts To Crackdown On Religion In Tibet

by Rohan Parker

The state-run newspaper, The Tibet Daily, has reported that the Public Security Minister is planning to introduce stricter patriotic education within Tibetan monasteries. This comes on the back of protesters being charged for the first time by prosecutors for their involvement in the mostly peaceful monk-led demonstrations which preceded the recent riots in Tibet As […]

March 26, 2008

Labour MPs To Vote With Their Consciences On Embryo Bill

by Rohan Parker

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has come to a compromise with Labour MPs and has given them the opportunity to give a conscience vote on three specific parts of a controversial new embryo Bill. Brown made a statement from Stevenage, Hertfodshire, in which he said that whilst Labour MPs would have to vote on the […]

The Search For The God Particle

by Rohan Parker

Switzerland is set to host one of the most important particle physics experiments in decades, this summer, as scientists perform the Large Hadron Collider test in search of the Higgs boson. The Higgs boson is an elusive particle, which has been dubbed the God particle due to the fact that it may guide scientists to […]

March 25, 2008

China Accuses Dalai Lama Of Scheming And Sabotage

by Rohan Parker

In the People’s Daily Newspaper, an article appeared on Sunday which accused the Dalai Lama of attempting to sabotage China’s international image, by provoking the current discord in Tibet just months before the Beijing Olympics. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was also denounced for “deliberately overlooking the truth about Tibet’s current actions”. The People’s Daily Newspaper […]

Scientists Propose Meeting With Catholic Representitives

by Rohan Parker

Embryologists have recently invited Catholic Bishops and MPs to a meeting at which they will discuss the growing need to put through legislation which will allow the testing embryos which are part animal, part human. The former head of the Medical Research Council (MRC), Colin Blakemore, has proposed a meeting for unbiased communications between representatives […]

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