March 10, 2008

Court Ruling On State Funded Baptist School

by Rohan Parker

According to a ruling handed down by Judge Roger Crittenden on Thursday, the Kentucky constitution has been violated by the state budgeting $12 million to build a pharmacy school at a private Southern Baptist university.

The investigation into the issue started when a gay rights group sued the University of Cumberlands to block the state funding after the university forced out student out of the school because he was gay. The argument was given that the university, located in Williamsburg, would not offer equal rights and protections, as indicated by the student being dismissed due to his sexual orientation.

However Judge Crittenden ruled that at that time, the court did not have to make a finding on that issue, but instead focused on the state funding side of the lawsuit. Judge Crittenden’s verdict was that the constitutional law of Kentucky which assured religious freedom within the schooling system and that no state money is to be spent on any church, both sectarian or denominational, school was indeed being violated and as such, has denied the university any of the state allocated funds for the new pharmacy school building.

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