March 25, 2008

China Accuses Dalai Lama Of Scheming And Sabotage

by Rohan Parker

In the People’s Daily Newspaper, an article appeared on Sunday which accused the Dalai Lama of attempting to sabotage China’s international image, by provoking the current discord in Tibet just months before the Beijing Olympics. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was also denounced for “deliberately overlooking the truth about Tibet’s current actions”.

The People’s Daily Newspaper is the number one proxy for the Communist Party in China.

China was seeking to use the Beijing Olympics this August, as a means of promoting a new and improved international image. The current turmoil within Tibet has all but shattered those hopes.

Official media from the Chinese government has announced that areas which were previously unyielding have now come under control, and has also denounced the Dalai Lama, who is a former winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, for deliberately attempting to besmirch China’s political image now that they are under pre-games scrutiny.

The piece stated that the clique associated with the Dalai Lama is plotting to use the Olympics, and the extra media associated with the games, as a pawn to induce the Chinese government to make allowances in regards to Tibetan independence.

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