March 25, 2008

Scientists Propose Meeting With Catholic Representitives

by Rohan Parker

Embryologists have recently invited Catholic Bishops and MPs to a meeting at which they will discuss the growing need to put through legislation which will allow the testing embryos which are part animal, part human.

The former head of the Medical Research Council (MRC), Colin Blakemore, has proposed a meeting for unbiased communications between representatives from the research community, patient community, and leaders of the Catholic church, after some clergymen mounted an assault on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill during Easter.

The Times printed a letter written by Professor Blakemore today, in which he openly states that he has no desire to dissuade Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, and other senior clergy, from sharing their views on ethical issues, he does however, wish for their opinions to be based on fact, rather than misunderstandings.

In his letter, Professor Blakemore said that their is nothing in the Bill which holds any intent to disregard the sanctity of life, or create anything monstrous, but rather enable the reduction of actual human embryos, or eggs, used in stem sell research today.

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