March 27, 2008

China Attempts To Crackdown On Religion In Tibet

by Rohan Parker

The state-run newspaper, The Tibet Daily, has reported that the Public Security Minister is planning to introduce stricter patriotic education within Tibetan monasteries. This comes on the back of protesters being charged for the first time by prosecutors for their involvement in the mostly peaceful monk-led demonstrations which preceded the recent riots in Tibet

As a part of China’s bid to regain control of the region, in spite of the huge amounts of international criticism being leveled at them for their methods, Public Security Minister Meng Jianzhu has been among the first high-level politicians to visit Tibet since the protests began. Jianzhu has been reported as saying that China intended to give much attention to this publicity battle and that they would be calling in the aid of Communist Party cadres.

Jianzhu is also reportedly going to attempt to gain more control over religion in Tibet by making it a requirement that most Tibetans accept Buddhism to be sacrosanct in China as well as accepting the Chinese-appointed Panchen Lama, whilst denouncing the Dalai Lama as a dissenter. These sorts of efforts have been initiated by China since 1996.

China is becoming more and more agitated with the Dalai Lama and his supporters, as more international criticism is directed against the country, which is angering Chinese leaders. This has led to the harsher accusations leveled against the Dalai Lama, with China saying he is deliberately causing these riots now in a bid to sabotage both the Beijing Olympics and China’s image.

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