March 27, 2008

Obama Levels The Polls With Race Speech

by Rohan Parker

When inflammatory remarks made by Senator Barack Obama’s former paster circulated media recently, Obama took a downward turn in the polls. However after the acclaimed race in America speech, he is now one point ahead of Senator Hillary Clinton in the polls.

The Editor in Chief at Gallup Poll, Frank Newport, said on Tuesday that it was extremely difficult to specifically gauge the impact of the speech. Shortly after the high degree of media coverage of the controversial comments made by Pastor Wright, Obama was down in the polls, with Clinton holding a seven point lead. Just a few days after Obama’s speech, Gallup polls put Clinton at 46%, with Obama at 47%.

Some of the content in Obama’s popular speech touched on breaking down the walls that have long stood to separate the races within America, and with honestly letting go of fears and prejudice between black and white.

However some have criticized Obama for not more strongly condemning his former mentor’s highly controversial remarks, as Obama simply responded by saying he would no more disown his pastor for saying what he did, than he would disown his own white grandmother.

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