March 28, 2008

Anglicans Divided In Canada Over Same-Sex Unions

by Rohan Parker

Canada is known for its liberal and relaxed attitudes, and going along with that accepting mind set, Canadian Anglicans are some of the first, and strongest, in calling for the acceptance and blessing of same-sex unions. Unfortunately, however, there has been a strong reaction from the less liberal minded Anglicans in the country.

The Anglican church is starting to divide, which has been labeled a mirror of what is happening to the global Anglican community.

It was in 2002 that the New Westminster diocese (which encompasses Vancouver) established themselves as the first in the Christian world to condone and bless homosexual partnerships. Though there are still conservatives who cannot reconcile those versus in the Bible which advocate that homosexuality isn’t right. However, liberal Anglicans have dubbed this thinking scriptural fundamentalism, and have responded by saying that being homosexual is not a choice.

A tense compromise was reached in 1998 at the Lambeth Conference, which is a meeting of Anglican bishops which occurs once every decade, that stated that homosexual actions were not permissible by the Bible, but that all gay people were none the less loved by God. A moratorium has been requested on the blessing of same-sex marriages.

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