March 28, 2008

Contentious Islamic Religious Resolution Passed In The U.N.

by Rohan Parker

Thursday saw the U.N. pass a contested new resolution which was proposed by Islamic countries who are looking to move governments to prohibit the defamation of religions, especially their own.

The resolution was passed on a 21 to 10 vote, in which Europe and Canada stood in opposition to. The European Union stated that the text was biased, because it focussed primarily on Islam.

However, the U.N. Human Rights Council is predominantly made up by Arab and Muslim nations.

France, Germany, and Britain stood with the Canada and the rest of the countries in the E.U. and voted against the resolution.

Diplomats from within the E.U. have stated that they wish to curtail, if not completely stamp-out, the growing global inclination towards the use of anti religious defamation laws as a means of limiting free speech.

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