May 22, 2008

Yorkshire vicar gets Playboy rage

by David Masters

Yorkshire vicar Tim Jones found himself raging with fury when, in a local store, he saw stationery branded with the Playboy logo targeted at children.

Stationery bearing the logo of pornography brand Playboy was on sale alongside Winnie-The-Pooh folders and Mickey Mouse pencils.

This made Revd Jones, 40, so angry that he decided to throw all the Playboy merchandise onto the floor.

He made the protest after seeking the permission of the assistant manager of the York Stationery Box store, and followed it up by asking other customers to sign a petition requesting that brands such as Playboy be banned from targetting children.

Jones said that Playboy’s strategy was to encourage children to see the Playboy bunny as a friendly brand, preparing them to commercially accept Playboy pornographic merchandise.

Revd Jones sees this as institutional grooming of children, preparing them to be commercially exploited by the sex industry, and called the practice cynical and wicked.

Stationery Box have declined to comment on the criticism, although the York branch have removed the products pending a merchandising review.

WHSmith have said that they will continue to stock the product because it is not their job to act as a censor.

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