May 30, 2008

600 bishops to demonstrate on streets of London

by David Masters

The Archbishop of Canterbury is to be joined by over 600 other archbishops and bishops in a demonstration against poverty in July this year.

Rowan Williams has called for Anglican bishops and other faith leaders to unite for an unprecedented march against poverty through the streets of London.

The Church of England hopes that the march will demonstrate the Anglican communion’s determination to end poverty across the world.

In particular, the bishops will be calling for a commitment from government leaders to keep to their promises set out in the UN development goals.

Set to be completed by 2015, the eight UN development goals set out a programme to halve world poverty, including universal primary education, and reducing infant mortality.

Whilst some of the goals are on track to be completed, the UN has reported that some of the goals, including universal education, are decades behind schedule.

Anglican bishops from around the world will be in the UK this July because of the Lambeth Conference, a meeting of all the Anglican bishops that occurs only once every ten years.

Announcing the march, Williams said that it will be a poignant public act of commitment.

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