June 20, 2008

‘Little Pebble’ Loses Court Appeal

by Rachael Grant

A seer known as ‘Little Pebble’, who raped a fifteen year old girl in 1993 in Australia, has lost his appeal for freedom.

William Kaumm, who is also the leader of a sect, said that he was told by the Virgin Mary that the girl is his mystical bride, and one of 12 queens he is allowed to choose to help create a perfect race with.

Kaumm, aged 57, says that he talks with the Virgin Mary on a regular basis, and that he has been appointed as Messiah for a new era.

He was jailed for three and a half years in 2005, but has appealed.

Gabriel Wendler, defence lawyer for Mr Kauum, made an amendment to one of the charges on the ninth day of the trial, which took place with Justices Dyson Heydon and Susan Kiefel.

The amendment went against regulations, and resulted in a miscarriage of justice.

Wendler asked whether the trial could possibly be fair, citing jury prejudice when someone from the public gallery was witnessed mouthing words which were spoken by one of the witnesses on the bench.

Wendler requested a dismissal of the jury, but was turned down.

The High Court ruled that no errors were made in the appeal being rejected, and that the case should not appear again.

Kaumm has also been convicted for the abuse of another follower; a conviction he is also appealing.

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