June 20, 2008

Study links atheism to high IQ

by David Masters

A new study has found that intelligent people are less likely to believe in God.

The study, conducted by Richard Lynn, Professor of Psychology at the University of Ulster, claims that ‘intellectually elite’ people such as academics are more likely to self identify as atheists.

Prof Lynn claims that the decline in religious belief which has occurred over the last 100 years is due to a rise in average intelligence.

This claim is backed up by appealing to the argument that primary school children often believe in God, but as they grow up and their intelligence increases, many renounce their faith.

Lynn is no stranger to controversy. In the past he has claimed that intelligence can be linked to race and sex.

His most recent claim is no less controversial, and has caused the religious thinktank Theos to write off the study as ‘simplistic’.

The Human Genetics Alert watchdog group added to the criticism, labelling Lynn’s conclusions ‘repugnant.’

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