June 25, 2008

Buddhist meditation centre faces closure

by David Masters

A Buddhist monk from Michigan, US, has been told that the meditation centre in his converted garage faces closure if he does not apply for an official permit.

Thomas Nguyen, know as Thai Tue to his meditation students, was told by the administration of the local township that he could hold weekend meetings in his home.

However, he was later visited by the supervisor of the township, who is alleged to have shouted at him, and told him that the meditation centre contravenes the township’s zoning laws.

Nguyen’s home is in an agricultural area, where churches and religious buildings are banned.

Furthermore, local residents have complained about the number of cars parked in the area at weekends.

Nguyen’s lawyer, Marc-David Freed, said that the monk has found the last few months so frightening he is considering closing the meditation centre.

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