September 17, 2008

Mickey Mouse faces fatwa death threat

by David Masters

Mickey Mouse may be forced into hiding following an Islamic scholar’s declaration that the cartoon character ‘must die’.

A leading Muslim cleric in Saudi Arabia has issued a fatwa against the ‘impure corrupter’.

The fatwa – an Islamic religious edict – means that according to Islamic law, Disney’s favourite rodent faces the death penalty.

Sheikh Muhammad Al-Munajid was deadly serious when, in a TV interview, he called Mickey Mouse one of Satan’s soldiers, who makes everything he touches impure and who should be killed in all cases.

Mickey Mouse was not the only celebrity squeaker subject to the Sheikh’s wrath.

In the same interview Jerry from Tom and Jerry was branded as ‘impure’ and ‘repulsive’.

Al-Munajid, formerly a Saudi Arabian diplomat in Washington, is well known for his creative genius when it comes to issuing fatwas.

Earlier this year, he issued a fatwa against the Beijing Olympics – not because of China’s human rights abuses – but because of the skimpy bikini attire of female athletes that would be a delight for Satan to watch.

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