September 18, 2008

Google lifts ban on pro-life adverts

by David Masters

Google has agreed to display anti-abortion adverts after a UK-based Christian group threatened to take the Internet search giant to court.

The Christian Institute, which promotes the Christian faith across the UK, filed a lawsuit against Google when it refused to display pro-life adverts when users conducted a web search for ‘abortion’.

Google said the advert was not displayed because of a company policy that websites combining abortion and religious content should not be advertised.

The Christian Institute filed a lawsuit against Google’s decision on the basis of the Equality Act 2006.

An out-of-court settlement has now been reached, although the exact terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Google has reworded its advertising policy to allow the Christian Institute, and other religious groups, to display pro-life adverts.

A spokesperson for the Christian Institute said the group is delighted by Google’s decision.

Google made it clear that the company does not take a particular side on the issue of abortion.

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