September 25, 2008

Obama effigy hung at Christian campus

by David Masters

A life size cardboard cut-out of Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama, was found this week hanging from a tree at a Christian college in North America.

The cut-out was found early on Tuesday morning, with a fishing line around its neck, at George Fox University in Oregon, US, and was quickly removed by college staff.

Taped onto the effigy were the words ‘Act Six reject’.

Act Six is a scholarship programme at the university given to ten student leaders from the city of Portland.

Most students currently benefiting from Act Six are from ethnic minority backgrounds.

In a statement to the press, university president Robin Baker said the university ‘will not tolerate’ stunts such as this one, and condemns the actions of those involved ‘in the strongest terms’.

All 1,800 students at the college were called together for a meeting about the effigy yesterday morning, and anyone with information on who put the cut out up was asked to come forward.

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