September 15, 2008

UK’s first Hindu school starts term

by David Masters

The UK’s first Hindu school opened for teaching today, with 30 new five-year old pupils entering its doors. Pupils at the Kirshna Avanti Primary School will be taught according to Hindu values, with class content covering the national curriculum. A unique programme of religious education has been agreed with local authorities. The focus will be […]

War on terror ‘not the solution’

by David Masters

The head of counter-terrorism in Indonesia has warned that the West’s approach to Islamic extremism has exacerbated the problem. Ansyaad Mbai said the war on terror has made it more difficult for moderate Muslims to deal with radical strands of Islam, and is not the solution that will end terrorism. According to Mbai, all Muslims […]

Scientist argues for creationism in classrooms

by David Masters

A leading British scientist has said intelligent design and creationism should be taught in science lessons alongside evolutionary theory. Speaking this week to delegates at the British Association for the Advancement of Science conference in Liverpool, Rev Professor Michael Reiss said school pupils who hold creationist views should not be dismissed. Reiss, director of education […]

September 11, 2008

Hindu artist to return from exile

by David Masters

India’s favourite painter, M. F. Husain, is set to return to his homeland after efforts to prosecute him for offending religious feelings were dropped. The Supreme Court in India found no grounds to prosecute the 92 year old artist. Husain entered voluntary exile in 2006, after conservative Hindu groups filed criminal cases against him because […]

U.S. Bishops: Stop raiding immigrant workplaces

by David Masters

Catholic bishops in the U.S. have called upon the Government to halt its practice of raiding the suspected workplaces of illegal immigrants. Five bishops, speaking on behalf of America’s 433 Catholic bishops, said the practice of raiding immigrant workplaces is ‘unacceptable in a civilised society’. Speaking at a press conference, John Wester, chair of the […]

September 5, 2008

Sir Cliff endorses gay marriage

by David Masters

Pop legend Cliff Richard, 67, has published his latest autobiography, My Life, My Way, this week, in which he reveals that for the past seven years he has lived with a former Catholic Priest. The singer describers 60 year old Father John McElynn as a ‘blessing’, ‘close friend’, and ‘companion’. Cliff criticises the view that […]

September 4, 2008

Holy Zam Zam water could be lethal

by David Masters

British Muslims have been warned against buying bottled holy water which may contain dangerous levels of the lethal poison arsenic. Sacred Zam Zam water is believed to help heal diseases, and is traditionally drunk by Muslim pilgrims during the Ramadan month of fasting. Zam Zam can only be found in Saudi Arabia, and it is […]

UK Anglicans poised for first gay bishop

by David Masters

A gay priest is set to become one of the highest ranking officials in the Anglican Church, with his conservative counterparts threatening to quit if the appointment goes ahead. It is believed that the Archbishop of Wales, Barry Morgan, wishes to appoint openly gay priest Dr. Jeffery John, Dean of St. Alban’s, as Bishop of […]

September 3, 2008

Councillors furious at Ramadan regulations

by David Masters

Councillors in the East London district of Tower Hamlets have accused the council of taking a step ‘too far’ after they were told not to eat or drink in meetings during the month of Ramadan. Tower Hamlets made the request as a sign of respect to Muslim councillors and visitors, who fast during the month […]

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