October 31, 2008

Atheist advert smashes fundraising records

by David Masters

A fundraising campaign to pay for ‘There’s probably no God’ adverts on the side of London buses has smashed its target by 2,500%. The British Humanist Association wanted to raise £5,500 to pay for the commercials, but following media coverage donations came in so fast that the total was raised in just ten hours. Justgiving, […]

October 29, 2008

Sharia family law legally binding in UK

by David Masters

The government’s justice minister has confirmed that decisions made according to Islamic law can be ‘rubber stamped’ as legally binding in the UK’s courts. Sharia law, a set of rules and principles which Muslims live by, is not legally binding in Britain. However, justice minister Bridget Prentice has said that divorce rulings passed by a […]

October 27, 2008

New Buddhist Academy for Tibet

by David Masters

A Buddhist academy is to be built in Tibet, with construction already underway. The $11.7 million project will be funded by China’s central government in Beijing. Covering 17.4 hectares, the academy will include libraries, lecture rooms, and buildings for religious activities. The first phase of construction is expected to be complete in 2010. In addition […]

October 24, 2008

‘British Schindler’ meets the Queen

by David Masters

The Queen today met a man known as ‘Britain’s Schindler’ during her visit to Slovakia. Ninety-nine year old Sir Nicholas Winton helped to rescue hundreds of Jews from the hands of the Nazis before World War Two broke out in 1939. As a 29 year old stockbroker in 1938, Winton visited Czechoslovakia for a holiday. […]

October 23, 2008

Soldier fined for anti-Sikh attack

by David Masters

A soldier has been fined £280 in an Edinburgh court for trying to remove the turban from a Sikh’s head in a Scottish nightclub. Twenty-nine year old Fiji national, Ratu Yavala, had recently returned from a tour of duty in Iraq when he attacked the Sikh man. He called the man he attacked a racist […]

October 22, 2008

Afghan journalism student faces life in prison

by David Masters

A journalism student in Afghanistan has had his death sentence reduced to 20 years in prison after his case was heard by the Afghan appeal court. Twenty-four year old Afghan national, Sayed Perwez Kambashkh, was sentenced to death for allegedly downloading an article from the internet that questions the tenets of Islam. The article, which […]

October 21, 2008

Sony Playstation game offends Muslims

by David Masters

Sony has stopped a computer game from being released after fears that the game’s content would offend Muslims. The game, called Little Big Planet, uses background music that recites phrases from the Qur’an. Millions of copies of Little Big Planet have been recalled from warehouses. The game will now be reprogrammed so that the song […]

October 20, 2008

Cuba opens Russian Orthodox cathedral

by David Masters

Cuba’s first ever Russian Orthodox Church was consecrated this week, with President Raul Castro attending the ceremony. Our Lady of Kazan cathedral was built tactfully and slowly. It has only just been completed, even though building work started in 2004. The opening of the church is part of a celebration of increasing ties between Russia […]

October 17, 2008

Anger at woman leading Muslim prayers

by David Masters

A woman is to lead Muslims in their Friday prayers for the first time ever in Britain today, at an Oxford education centre. Islamic scholar, Professor Amina Wadud, will lead the congregation in prayer at the Banbury Road Muslim Education Centre and deliver the khutba, or sermon. Wadud is famous for leading a Muslim prayer […]

God wins American court case

by David Masters

A legal case against God has been dismissed by an American judge because the defendant has no known address. Ernie Chambers, a state senator in Nebraska, brought a case against God that sought a permanent injunction to prevent God from causing any more death, destruction or terrorisation. Chambers accused God of fearsome floods and horrendous […]

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