October 17, 2008

God wins American court case

by David Masters

A legal case against God has been dismissed by an American judge because the defendant has no known address.

Ernie Chambers, a state senator in Nebraska, brought a case against God that sought a permanent injunction to prevent God from causing any more death, destruction or terrorisation.

Chambers accused God of fearsome floods and horrendous hurricanes as well as plagues, earthquakes, famine, wars, birth defects and tornadoes.

The suit against God identified the Almighty as present at all places in the same time and known by various aliases.

Judge Marlon Polk threw the case out of court because he said that a plaintiff must have access to the defendant before legal proceedings can go ahead.

Senator Chambers will not be sent to his local psychiatric ward because he says he brought the lawsuit against God for sane and rational reasons.

The senator filed the lawsuit in protest at proposals to ban the filing of lawsuits deemed too frivolous to be heard in court.

He wanted to make the point that everyone in the US should have access to the courts, no matter how silly their claim may seem.

Chambers has said he will consider the ruling of Judge Polk carefully before he decides whether or not to launch an appeal.

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