October 21, 2008

Sony Playstation game offends Muslims

by David Masters

Sony has stopped a computer game from being released after fears that the game’s content would offend Muslims.

The game, called Little Big Planet, uses background music that recites phrases from the Qur’an.

Millions of copies of Little Big Planet have been recalled from warehouses.

The game will now be reprogrammed so that the song including verses from the Qur’an is not included.

A spokesperson for Sony said the game was never intended to cause anyone to be offended.

It will now be released next week in the US, and a week later in the UK.

Muslim leaders have welcomed Sony’s decision to edit the game.

Mohammed Naseem, chairman of the central Mosque in Birmingham, said using verses from the Qur’an for light amusement would be in bad taste.

Muslims believe that the words of the Qur’an were spoken to the prophet Mohammed by an angel who was relaying the exact words of God.

The recall will be a disappointment for Sony, who had hoped that Little Big Planet would be their biggest seller this Christmas.

Little Big Planet allows users to design their own playground levels and share them with other players over the internet.

In 2007 a Sony game offended British Christians because it showed a violent scene inside Manchester Cathedral.

Sony issued an apology, but the game was not withdrawn from sale or edited.

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