October 23, 2008

Soldier fined for anti-Sikh attack

by David Masters

A soldier has been fined £280 in an Edinburgh court for trying to remove the turban from a Sikh’s head in a Scottish nightclub.

Twenty-nine year old Fiji national, Ratu Yavala, had recently returned from a tour of duty in Iraq when he attacked the Sikh man.

He called the man he attacked a racist name and tried to remove his turban.

After being arrested Yavala told police that he doesn’t like people who wear a turban.

In court the Sheriff heard how the victim of the attack had been embarrassed, and decided to leave the night club.

Yavala admitted to a breach of the peace and was fined £280 at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

Sheriff Elizabeth Jarvie said the fine was reduced from £350 because Yavala had pleaded guilty.

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