October 16, 2008

Ancient Buddhist monastery unearthed in India

by David Masters

A second century Buddhist monastery has been uncovered by archaeologists working in western India. It took three years for the state-funded site dig to uncover the monastery, which confirms the prevalence of Buddhism in ancient western India. The monastery is sited in the ruins of an ancient Vadnagar town. Situated on a high plinth, it […]

‘Human greed’ blamed for financial crisis

by David Masters

The Archbishop of Canterbury has blamed the financial turmoil hitting markets around the world on human greed. Dr Rowan Williams vented his frustration at city traders after spending two days at a multifaith conference in dialogue with Muslim leaders. Asked what he thought was the cause of the current crisis in financial markets, Williams said […]

October 15, 2008

Muslim convert admits guilt for Exeter bomb

by David Masters

A British man who converted to Islam has pleaded guilty to attempting a suicide bomb attack in an Exeter restaurant. Twenty-two year old Nick Reilly, who changed his name to Mohammed Saeed-Alim after his conversion, admitted his role in the planned attack via video link at the London Central Criminal Court. Reilly pleaded guilty to […]

October 14, 2008

‘Islam is the light’ says toy doll

by David Masters

A toy doll that apparently says ‘Islam is the light’ has been criticised as inappropriate by American parents. The Fisher Price doll with fair skin, blond hair and blue eyes, is meant to be a realistic baby that cries when it is hungry and asks for ‘Mama’. However, some parents have raised concern that one […]

October 13, 2008

Archbishop: Christians and Muslims must make peace

by David Masters

The leader of the Church of England has said that Christianity and Islam are so different that people from both religions find it difficult to understand each other. Speaking at an interfaith conference in Cambridge yesterday, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams said that despite the differences between the two religions, there are many points at […]

October 10, 2008

Sikh fury at inmate’s haircut

by David Masters

Religious and humans rights groups around the world have expressed outrage that a Sikh prisoner in Florida was forced to have his hair cut. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in Florida is considering taking legal action against the Sheriff’s Office in question. According to the ACLU, cutting Jagmahon Ahuja’s hair violated the state’s laws […]

October 9, 2008

Tight trousers ‘disturb the peace’ in Sudan

by David Masters

More than 30 young women in south Sudan were arrested this week for wearing tight trousers. The arrests – part of a crackdown on youth gangs in the South Sudan’s capital, Juba – prompted outrage from the Sudanese government. Police in the region said local officials ordered a ban on ‘bad behaviour’ and on importing […]

October 7, 2008

Sex-crazed Muslim censored from BBC comedy

by David Masters

TV comedian Harry Enfield has been told to scrap a sketch in which he plays a sex-crazed Muslim hoodie. Enfield wanted to include the character in his new Friday night sketch TV show ‘Harry and Paul’, the first programme for eight years in which Enfield works with his comedy partner Paul Whitehouse. The BBC warned […]

October 6, 2008

Muslim cleric calls for one-eyed veil

by David Masters

A Saudi Arabian cleric has said that Muslim women should wear a full veil that reveals only one eye. Speaking on television, the conservative sheikh Muhammad al-Habadan said veils that reveal two eyes encourage women to wear make-up and act seductively. The level to which women should cover up is a controversial issue in Muslim […]

October 3, 2008

Eastenders complaints soar with Ramadan failure

by David Masters

The BBC’s favourite soap has received over 100 complaints because it portrayed a Muslim man breaking his Ramadan fast. Masood Ahmed, an Asian postman in Eastenders, was caught out by another character having a secret daytime snack. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims are supposed to fast from sunrise until sunset. Complaints to the […]

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