November 4, 2008

MPs seek to improve Muslim-Jewish relations

by David Masters

A cross-party group of Muslim and Jewish MPs will be touring Britain’s universities to promote better interfaith relations between students.

The group of MPs – dubbed the Coexistance Trust – will meet with Muslim and Jewish societies on campuses around the UK in an effort to improve understanding between the two faiths.

Societies in Birmingham, Cambridge, Leeds, London and Oxford will be visited by the group.

The MPs will highlight similarities between the two faiths, especially in their historical development and the prejudice that people from both faiths have suffered.

Tension between Muslims and Jews has been heightening on UK campuses recently because of ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, most notably the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The 2006 conflict between Israel and Lebanon has caused particular strain between the two groups, with Jewish students becoming the victims of poster campaigns and online abuse.

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