December 3, 2008

Israeli settlers rampage in Hebron

by David Masters

Israeli settlers in the Palestinian city of Hebron continued to riot yesterday, clashing with Israeli soldiers and local Palestinians.

The violent rampage broke out when the rumour spread among settlers that a disputed settler apartment block was about to be evicted.

Hundreds of settlers surrounded the building, throwing stones at any Palestinians or Israeli forces that crossed their path.

Several Palestinians have been injured in the attacks.

Israeli Defence Force soldiers used stun grenades in an attempt to disperse the rioting settlers, but were unable to seize control of the building.

Reports from the Israeli military say that Jewish settlers in other parts of the West Bank have set up road blocks, thrown stones at Palestinian cars, slashed tires, and set alight to animal feed.

The attacks are part of a recent policy by West Bank settlers called ‘Price Tag’ in which they respond to eviction notices by attacking Palestinians and any Israeli forces that attempt to evacuate them.

A judge ordered in November that the apartment building be evicted, and since then settlers have desecrated a local Mosque and a Muslim cemetery.

Hebron is a holy site for both Muslims and Jews because it is the place where the prophet Abraham bought a cave to bury his wife, Sarah.

All settlements in the West Bank are illegal under international law, a fact that is disputed by Israel.

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