December 18, 2008

Archbishop slams Brown’s economic recovery plans

by David Masters

Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has branded the credit crunch a welcome ‘reality check’ for a world whose economy is driven by unsustainable greed.

The leader of the Church of England sees the economic downturn as an opportunity for Britain to return to a more sustainable society with a voluntary concern for the vulnerable and excluded.

Speaking this morning on the Today programme, the Archbishop also condemned Gordon Brown’s plans to beat the recession by boosting consumer spending.

He compared Brown’s strategy to an addict combating a hangover by returning to drugs.

It is not a long term sustainable approach, said Williams, and will eventually drive us back into the same cycle.

The world deserves an apology from the financial sector, said the Archbishop, as it had been carried away by ‘sheer intellectual excitement’.

Discussion about economics should include moral questions, Williams concluded.

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