January 8, 2009

Jews protest against Israeli invasion of Gaza

by David Masters

Jews around the world are protesting against the Israeli offensive on the Gaza strip, which has already claimed over 650 Palestinian lives.

This hidden protest – ignored by the mainstream media – sees a significant number of Jews from the US, Britain, and Israel opposing Zionism, the Zionist oppression of Palestinians, and, in some cases, the state of Israel.

According to Orthodox Jews, Zionism – and the Zionist invasion of Gaza – violates every principle of the Jewish religion, as set out in the Jewish holy book, the Torah.

Orthodox Jewish website, JewsAgainstZionism.com, explains: “Zionism was devised to replace the Torah and its commandments with empty nationalism and power.

“Jews believe that the redemption of the Jews will come only through G-d, and then there will be peace for the entire world.

“Zionists believe only in the power of their hands: a physical, artificial redemption.”

Meanwhile, in Jerusalem, dozens of ultra-Orthodox Jews stood in Jerusalem today with placards reading “Stop the Zionist terrorist massacre in Gaza”.

As they stood in their line of protest – clad in traditional black gowns and hats – they shrieked “Geveld!”, Yiddish for “Help!”

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