January 9, 2009

World Community Responds on Gaza with Mixed Messages

by Benjamin Dauer

Across the globe people have been coming together to voice either support for the Israeli government’s actions or support for the Palestinians. As Jeff Jacoby reported yesterday, some of the anti-Israel protests have degenerated into hate speech.

The discussions on this site’s web forum about the events in Gaza have been a microcosm of the world community’s responses ranging from rage against Israel to a justification of its actions.

This coming Sunday in NYC as two groups rally in blatant displays of wartime partisanship over the fighting in Gaza, Daniel Sieradski is organizing a counter-protest to bring supporters of peace together. Ray Hanania will be interviewing him about the upcoming rally on his radio talk show.

Maybe one of the more poignant comments on Gaza came from a video by Rabbi Ben Newman that has circulated on Facebook. More poignant perhaps was the need for a second video with different footage. Some viewers could not hear the message of the first because the images seemed to them to feature too heavily on one side’s suffering.

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