January 15, 2009

Christian Aid condemns Heathrow expansion plans

by David Masters

Social justice campaigners at Christian Aid have labelled the Government’s endorsement of Heathrow expansion a ‘massive step backwards’.

The government’s go-ahead for a third Heathrow runway severely undermines its claims to be at the forefront of the fight against climate change, a statement from the charity said.

Christian Aid asked if the government will carry on ignoring scientific evidence for climate change.

The decision also sends out the wrong message to developing nations about how far rich countries are prepared to go in reducing carbon emissions, Christian Aid said.

Christian Aid’s senior climate change adviser, Dr Alison Doig, said despite the government’s rhetoric, the UK is set to increase its carbon emissions.

She added that building a third Heathrow runway will be seen by developing countries as evidence that rich countries put their own interests ahead of any real desire to tackle climate change.

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