January 23, 2009

Obama election ‘redemptive’ says black priest

by David Masters

A senior Church of England priest has hailed the election and inauguration of black American president Barack Obama as a ‘redemptive moment’.

Rev Rose Hudson Wilkin, chair of the Church of England’s Committee for Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns, and a member of the General Synod, said the Anglican Church should use the election of Obama as an opportunity to transform British culture.

Speaking after Obama’s inauguration, Hudson Wilkin described the election as “a prophetic pointer to the possibilities which open up if hearts and minds have the confidence to change by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

“His election was a truly redemptive moment and one of pride and aspiration for many people,” she said.

“It was a particularly redemptive moment in terms of the legacy that African Americans have endured for over two centuries — and this was not lost on the President elect, Barack Hussein Obama.”

Hudson Wilkin then referred to recent comments by Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury and leader of the Anglican communion.

“The Archbishop of Canterbury has used the term ‘Kairos Time’,” referring to a biblical word meaning ‘opportune moment’.

“This is truly a ‘Kairos Time’”, said Hudson Wilkin, “when we urge the Church to begin to nurture a leadership that can engage and function at all levels within it – across all ethnicities – but this must be done intentionally.

“This affects us as individuals, locally, nationally and internationally through the Anglican Communion.”

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