January 5, 2009

Lighting No-Candles

by Benjamin Dauer

A story I once heard from a Jewish teacher that may or may not have originally been told in the third person: One time, years ago, I visited a Zen Center. I was uncomfortable with the statues of Buddha and all of the bowing toward them by the Buddhists at the center. I expressed my […]

People, not wealth, are the real treasure

by David Masters

In his message for the New Year, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams encouraged society to see people and children as more valuable than monetary wealth. Children and the most vulnerable are society’s real treasure, Williams said, and everything possible should be done to help them. Public policies need to be questioned as to how much […]

Muslim bank manager sues bank for sexual harassment

by David Masters

A Muslim banker is pursuing a record £16 million lawsuit against her former employer for alleged sexual, racial and religious discrimination. Egyptian-born Mona Awad, 29, said the harassment began when she was appointed as bank manager at the Northampton branch of HBOS in April 2007. According to Awad, one of her bosses accused her of […]

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FEATURE: Okie in Exile

Big Buddy is just one of many human stories from our new resident writer, Bobby Winters. Follow his exploration of faith and necessity through the living landscapes of Oklahoma in his new writing column, An Okie in Exile.


FORUM: Religion and War

Has religion always dictated war? Or is religion itself a victim of politcs? Join in at our forum for this discussion: Religion as an excuse for war?.