February 16, 2009

Hindu Temples should go green

by David Masters

A senior Hindu leader is calling for Hindu temples around the world to go green.

Rajan Zed, president of the Universal Society of Hinduism, said Hindu temples should take the lead on environmental issues in their local communities.

Eco-friendly temples are a ‘toxic free’ sacred space, Zed said, being free from complicity in the destruction of God’s creation.

The ecological destruction caused by humankind is entering a crisis point, the Hindu statesman said, and Hindus should not stand by as ‘silent spectators’.

Hindu scriptures are highly respectful for mother nature, Zed said.

To be eco-friendly, Hindu temples should become energy efficient, choose environmentally friendly products, limit the use of cleaning chemicals, purchase energy saving devices, switch off lights and computers when not in use, limit water usage, plant more trees, install renewable energy such as solar power or wind power, and use the temple grounds in environmentally friendly ways.

Religion is the most far reaching force in society, and could be a vital resource for promoting ecological responsibility, Zed concluded.

Hinduism is the world’s oldest religion, with around one billion adherents.

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