February 27, 2009

Bible gets Cockney rhyming slang update

by David Masters

A religious studies teacher in London has re-written Bible stories in Cockney rhyming slang.

Keith Park rewrote a number of key stories – including Cain and Abel , Adam and Eve, and Samson and Delilah – in the east London lingo.

“The stories are ideal for performance or equally for personal use. They are also very effective as a way of accessing literacy with people who may not read or write, and individuals with learning disabilities,” said Park.

His religious studies pupils enjoy reading and sharing Park’s stories.

“It can be funny. Sometimes it helps us understand the Bible better,” one of Park’s students told the BBC.

One story tells how Cheese and Rice (Jesus Christ) rose from the brown bread (dead).

Park has collected his stories in a book, available online from Amazon.

“From Adam and Eve to the Resurrection, the book presents well-known stories in an original and accessible way for everybody to enjoy,” said Park.

He added: “Some people will be offended but I have always said there’s no offence intended.

“I would hope it’s the opposite of dumbing down.”

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