April 29, 2009

Baptists celebrate 400th anniversary

by David Masters

British Baptists are gathering in Bournemouth this week to celebrate the 400th anniversary of their denomination. Four centuries ago, a priest and a lawyer disillusioned with the church of England travelled to Holland and baptised themselves. Later that year – 1609 – the first ever Baptist congregation was founded in Amsterdam. Baptists have since risen […]

Americans in flux over faith choice

by David Masters

America is a nation in flux when it comes to religious affiliation, according to the results of a new survey. A study by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion and Public Life found that Americans are changing their religious affiliation at an unprecedented rate. “We live in a competitive religious marketplace,” said John Green, […]

April 24, 2009

Christians invite gay ‘cure’ therapist to UK

by David Masters

An American psychologist who claims he can ‘cure’ homosexuality has been criticised by the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCP). Dr Joseph Nicolosi, who says he has helped many people to become heterosexual, has been invited to speak this weekend at a two day conference in London organised by Christian group Anglican Mainstream. Nicolosi says he […]

April 21, 2009

Northern Ireland children most prayerful in UK

by David Masters

Children in Northern Ireland are more than twice as likely to pray every day compared with children from other parts of the UK, new research has discovered. The survey, conducted by CBBC’s Newsround, found that 57% of children in Northern Ireland pray most days, compared to the UK average of 22%. Children in Northern Ireland […]

Irish Catholic Church leader to meet loyalists

by David Masters

The leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland, Cardinal Sean Brady, will today meet with loyalist leaders for the first time. Cardinal Brady is meeting a delegation from the Ulster Political Research Group (UPRG), linked to the paramilitary UDA. Inviting the delegates into his own home in Armagh, the Cardinal will urge the group to […]

April 7, 2009

John Sentamu wants a day off on St. George’s Day

by David Masters

Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, has called for St. George’s Day, 23 April, to be made a public holiday. The Archbishop, who was born in Uganda, said a holiday to celebrate England’s patron saint would help create a sense of national unity. Speaking at the Oxford Literary Festival, Sentamu urged the English to become more […]

Christian peace activist arrested in Sri Lanka

by David Masters

A leading figure in the Sri Lankan Christian peace movement was arrested last month by a government anti-terror squad, and has yet to be released. Santha Fernando, 63, was detained at Colombo airport on 27 March whilst on his way to a meeting in India. He was taken into custody after security personnel at the […]

Support the homeless this Easter, Archbishop says

by David Masters

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has urged churches to remember the homeless and those in unsuitable housing over the Easter period. Dr Williams called upon churches to hold special Easter services in aid of housing charity Shelter. “As the effects of the financial crisis touch more and more people, you can help by supporting Shelter’s […]

Archbishop hits out at Easter footie

by David Masters

A senior church leader has written to bosses of the Premier League asking them to stop staging football matches on Easter Sunday. Most Rev Vincent Nichols, soon to be appointed Archbishop of Westminster, said holding top flight matches on Easter Sunday shows ‘disdain’ for Britain’s Christian heritage. Christian supporters and employees at the football clubs […]

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