April 21, 2009

Northern Ireland children most prayerful in UK

by David Masters

Children in Northern Ireland are more than twice as likely to pray every day compared with children from other parts of the UK, new research has discovered.

The survey, conducted by CBBC’s Newsround, found that 57% of children in Northern Ireland pray most days, compared to the UK average of 22%.

Children in Northern Ireland were also found to be more concerned about the credit crunch, animal cruelty, and the environment.

Nearly half (47%) of Northern Ireland children want to do well at school, compared with just a third (34%) across the whole UK.

Across the UK, six in ten (61%) children polled said they have been affected by the economic downturn, whilst 40% said their parents worry about money.

Eighty six percent said they would be willing to make sacrifices – such as giving up pocket money or sweets – to help their families during the recession.

Despite their worries about the credit crunch, 75% of children believe their childhood is better than that of their parents.

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