May 27, 2009

Palestinian population grows in East Jerusalem

by David Masters

The Palestinian population in Jerusalem increased 3% during 2008 while, in contrast, the Israeli population in Jerusalem increased by just one percent. The study released today by the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies (JIIS) – to coincide with Jerusalem Day celebrations – shows that Palestinians make up 35% of Jerusalem’s 760,800 population. The Palestinian population […]

Indian yoga guru Pattabhi Jois dies aged 93

by David Masters

Krishna Pattabhi Jois, one of the world’s most popular and influential Indian yoga gurus, has died aged 93. Jois died in his home in Mysre, India after a short illness, a statement from his institute said. Known affectionately as Gurujii, meaning ‘honoured guru’, Jois inspired millions of yoga practitioners around the world with his “ashtanga” […]

May 26, 2009

Islamists reign of terror in Somalia

by David Masters

Islamist militia in southern Somalia are ruling with a summary justice of violence and bloodshed, Amnesty International said this week. Amnesty reported that the armed group controlling Somalia’s southern city of Kismayo are murdering and amputating the limbs of alleged criminals. The London-based human rights group cited the case of Mohamad Omar Ismail, who was […]

May 20, 2009

Catholics warned against ‘inane’ Tweetings

by David Masters

Roman Catholics have been warned against substituting real friendships with ‘inane chatter’ on social networking websites. In a message that will be read out at every Catholic mass in Scotland this weekend, Bishop of Paisley, Rt Rev Philip Tartaglia, criticises an ‘obsessive’ reliance on new technology such as Facebook and Twitter. Bishop Tartaglia’s pastoral letter […]

Obama presses Israel to halt settlement expansion

by David Masters

The US has put renewed pressure on Israel to halt the expansion of Zionist settlements in the Palestinian West Bank. During his meeting in Washington with Barack Obama yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was told that expansion of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories must stop and that stalled peace talks been Israel and […]

Clergy gather to mourn Bishop of Peterborough

by David Masters

The Archbishop of Canterbury paid tribute to the late Bishop of Peterborough at his funeral service yesterday. Dr Rowan Williams and two other clergy members led the Rt Revd Ian Cundy’s funeral service, which was attended by 1,300 people, including all 40 Church of England bishops and senior clergy from a variety of Christian denominations. […]

Rumsfeld adorned Iraq briefings with Bible quotes

by David Masters

Donald Rumsfeld, former US Defence Secretary, embellished his defence briefings to George W Bush during the Iraq war with Biblical quotations, it emerged this week. The quotes, such as “be strong and courageous” from the book of Joshua, adorned the covers of Bush’s daily briefings, and were placed alongside images of the US military. One […]

May 19, 2009

Kate Moss meditates with Buddha

by David Masters

Supermodel Kate Moss has taken up meditating, and has bought herself a bronze Buddha to help focus her mind. “She’s really into Buddhism and has bought a bronze Buddha,” Moss’s friend told the Daily Mirror. “The 4ft by 2ft statue sits pride of place in her living room.” Famous for her wild party lifestyle, 35-year-old […]

Temple’s mystery donor gives $1m cash

by David Masters

A mystery donor has left over a million dollars in wads of cash in the donation box of a Singapore Buddhist temple. The anonymous benefactor has given the Singapore Buddhist Lodge – a religious welfare group – a total of 1.5 million Singapore dollars (£650,000) over the past three years through monthly cash donations of […]

Irish priest child abuse report will be ‘shocking’

by David Masters

Hundreds of Catholic priests across Ireland are expected to be implicated in alleged child abuse when the results of a nine-year investigation are published this week. The Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse has investigated claims of abuse in state schools and orphanages since the 1940s, and will publish its report tomorrow. A second report […]

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