June 30, 2009

US appoints envoy to Muslims

by Sara Levy

The Obama administration has stepped up efforts to create a “new beginning” in America’s relationship with the Muslim world by appointing a Special Representative to Muslim Communities. Farah Pandith, a Kashmiri-born US citizen, will play a leading role in US efforts to forge ties with Muslim countries and will seek to engage the 1.5 billion […]

Bring your guns to church

by Benjamin Graham

A church service celebrating the right the bear arms was held this week in Kentucky. Pastor Ken Pagano told his congregation to bring their unloaded guns to New Bethel Church in Louisville for the special service. Pagano organised the service after church members expressed concern that Obama could seek to restrict firearms ownership. “Responsible handgun […]

June 29, 2009

British Muslims oppose violent conflict

by Sara Levy

The majority of British Muslims oppose the use of violence as a solution to international conflict, according to new research released this week. The poll by ICM found that three quarters of UK Muslims disapprove of military action in Afghanistan and Pakistan by Nato troops. An even greater number (78%) believe that Taliban attacks on […]

Faith ‘important’ to homosexuals, study finds

by David Masters

Six in ten gay and lesbian adults say faith is important to their lives, according to a new US study. This is compared to 72% of heterosexual adults who told Christian research firm Barna Group that faith is important to their lives. George Barna, author of the study and founder of California-based Barna Group, said: […]

June 27, 2009

Jewish school broke race discrimination laws

by Benjamin Graham

A Jewish state school broke race discrimination laws by refusing to admit a child whose mother converted to the faith, a court ruled yesterday. Three judges at the Court of Appeal held that the JFS, formerly the Jewish Free School, had discriminated against the 12-year-old boy on the grounds of race. The boy, known as […]

Gay rights groups criticise ‘homosexual demon’ exorcism

by Sara Levy

A YouTube video of a 16-year-old boy being exorcised of a “homosexual demon” has been criticised by gay and children’s rights groups. The 20-minute video by Manifested Glory Ministries shows elders commanding the demon to leave the boy’s body as he writhes on the floor. “Rip it from his throat!” one of the elders shouts. […]

Holy city’s gay pride march ends peacefully

by David Masters

A gay pride parade through Jerusalem yesterday ended peacefully, with anti-gay campaigners resorting only to nonviolent protest. Around 2,000 marchers were marshalled by 1,500 police officers, with clashes between ultra-Orthodox Jews and the parade limited to one egg throwing incident. Marchers in the parade waved rainbow and Israeli flags, and had dressed themselves up in […]

Bishops urge G8 to combat global poverty

by David Masters

Leading Catholic bishops from rich-world countries have written to the G8 demanding “concerted action” to protect the world’s poorest citizens during the economic crisis. Signatories to the letter include Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster, and Keith Patrick O’Brien, Archbishop of Edinburgh and St Andrews, as well as bishops from the US, Canada, Germany, France, Italy […]

Swine flu stops shared communion wine

by Benjamin Graham

Catholic churches in south west England are being urged to stop offering wine during communion over fears that the common cup could spread swine flu. The Diocese of Plymouth – covering Devon, Cornwall, and Dorset – has written to priests advising them only to place bread directly into the hands of communicants, rather than onto […]

Hindu Priest prepares to leave Belfast after attack

by Sara Levy

A Hindu priest is planning to move out of his Belfast family home following an attack on the property. During the attack on the Indian Community Centre in north Belfast last week, a gang of youths attempted to break down the centre’s front door while the priest’s wife was alone in the property. The youths […]

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