June 27, 2009

Hindu Priest prepares to leave Belfast after attack

by Sara Levy

A Hindu priest is planning to move out of his Belfast family home following an attack on the property.

During the attack on the Indian Community Centre in north Belfast last week, a gang of youths attempted to break down the centre’s front door while the priest’s wife was alone in the property.

The youths also attempted to take grills off the windows to get inside, and threw bricks at the building.

According to the centre’s part-time manager, the victim’s son and daughter were later chased by the gang on their way home from work.

Immediately after the attack, which is believed to be racially motivated, the family were too afraid to speak publicly about the incident.

However, they have now spoken out, and said they are considering leaving Northern Ireland – especially as police did not take time to speak with the victim about the incident.

The assault on the community centre follows a string of attacks on ethnic minorities in Northern Ireland, resulting in 75 Romanians preparing to leave the country.

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