June 29, 2009

British Muslims oppose violent conflict

by Sara Levy

The majority of British Muslims oppose the use of violence as a solution to international conflict, according to new research released this week.

The poll by ICM found that three quarters of UK Muslims disapprove of military action in Afghanistan and Pakistan by Nato troops.

An even greater number (78%) believe that Taliban attacks on Nato soldiers are wrong, whilst 90% said they disagree with the mission of Taliban fighters invading Pakistan.

Two-thirds of those polled said they support the government’s efforts to bring down al-Qaeda, with 16% saying they do not support the fight.

Over half said it would be wrong for British-born Muslim soldiers to serve in Afghanistan or Pakistan.

A tiny minority – 2% of the 500 Muslims polled – support the Taliban’s use of suicide bombers in Pakistan.

Nearly seven in ten of those surveyed said the British government is not doing enough to support ordinary people in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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